Liberar por el número IMEI Samsung de USA EXPRESS

Liberar por el número IMEI Samsung de USA EXPRESSEste servicio permite liberar por el código los teléfonos de Samsung USA EXPRESS. Manejamos nuevos modelos de Samsung:
Galaxy Caméra, NOTE 3, S3 Mini, Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy Tab 8.0 3, N9000, N9005, G730A, N900T.
Es el método más seguro para eliminar el bloqueo de SIM sin ningún tipo de ingerencia en el teléfono.

En 90% casos para desbloquear un Samsung es suficiente introducir código NCK/Network, pero a veces teléfono tiene bloqueo adicional y para desbloquearlo hay que introducir otros códigos. Nosotros facilitamos todos los códigos indispensables: - NCK/Network - código para desbloquear la red - Unfreeze/Defreeze - código para resetear contador de códigos que fueron introducidos incorrectamente - SCK/Provider - código Subprovider - PCK/Subprovider - código Subprovider.


Los números IMEI que se empiezan desde 99xx no están soportados. Por favor no ordenar los codigos para IMEI 99xx, por que no es posible introducir el código de desbloqueo.

Este servicio no soporta teléfonos de Metro PCS y T-Mobile de EE.UU., que tienen la aplicación "Unlock Device". No hay reembolso y ninguna forma de reclamación, si en la base de datos serán disponibles los códigos de red para teléfonos que requieren desbloqueo por la app "Unlock Device".

Servicio para el desbloqueo oficial a través de la app "Unlock Device" se puede pedir a través de los siguientes enlaces:
- T-Mobile USA: Desbloqueo a través de la app Unlock Device para teléfonos de T-Mobile EE.UU.
- Metro PCS: Desbloqueo a través de la app Unlock Device para teléfonos de Metro PCS EE.UU.
2021-10-17 23:40:19 Kenneth

Liberar Samsung Galaxy A42 5G - Servicio rapido y funciona

2021-09-28 10:07:50 Fernando

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S8+ - Thank you for the super fast service. Highly recommend

2021-08-05 15:53:30 Bradley

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - I have a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5g that was locked by AT&T. I tried calling AT&T and they would not provide me with a code. Even though they are legally supposed they would not do it. So after about a week an additional 10 dollar payment was able to unlock my phone for T-Mobile. The phone works like a charm. Thank you guys so Much I will def recommend your services to friends and family.

2021-07-28 23:23:31 Tara

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Note9 - Fast service. Worked first try

2021-06-15 13:54:04 Reinier

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Note9 - Excellent, trusted and fast service. Thanks

2021-06-08 00:28:45 Dante

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S10 - THIS SERVICE IS FANTASTIC I asked some phone shops and they wanted $150 AUD to unlock my S10 from the US. This service cost me about $35-40 AUD I am very scam vigilant. I did my research and I wanted to find a site that accepts paypal (which this one does) so if there are any issues I am not left out of pocket. But calm your fears This site delivers what is promised. Now I had to wait longer than the allotted time (maybe 8 hours max I was asleep) I entered the first code and it did something but no immediate function with my AUS sim card. YOU HAVE TO WAIT A BIT 5 MINS. Now I can see on the screen I am fully connected, I also test called my service provider and it works BUY WITH CONFIDENCE I SAVED $110 AUD

2021-04-21 07:00:28 Arjun

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G - Ok

2021-04-13 19:47:51 Hicham

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S8+ - like always. everything works smoothly. very satisfied.

2021-04-09 02:12:14 Vladimir

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G - Awesome thank you

2021-04-05 11:44:50 Moises

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Exelente y rápido funciona muy bien

2021-04-03 07:15:13 Moises

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - En corto tiempo y el código funcionó a la primera

2021-01-30 00:32:26 El

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 - Great customer service and prompt delivery

2021-01-07 16:24:21 MBAYE

Liberar Samsung Note10+ - je suis vraiment satisfait vos codes sont exact

2020-12-23 08:24:59 Marvin

Liberar Samsung Galaxy A30 - Thank you guys for your service. It was very fast. And the support team was fast as well when I had questions. I will recommend to all my friends an family. Thanks

2020-12-20 06:56:18 Judge

Liberar Samsung Galaxy J7 prime - This is great. Very satisfied

2020-12-17 13:45:45 Marlon

Liberar Samsung Galaxy A11 - works like a charm, thank you

2020-11-20 19:00:47 luxon

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 - merci.mes felicitations

2020-11-18 16:15:03 luxon

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 - Un grand merci pour le service,mes félicitations.

2020-10-07 01:28:41 Youssef

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ - Good service and unlocked less than 15h

2020-09-18 18:40:00 Anthony

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G - Worked perfectly

2020-09-09 14:17:57 John

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S20 5G - Worked flawlessly

2020-06-12 09:46:41 Richard

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S9 - I got phone back thank you. They said it would take 1 to 2 working days., they had unlocked in under 3 hours..

2020-06-03 02:16:10 jon

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ - This company is amazing , when AT&T claimed there was no unlock code for my note 10 plus , sim-unlock had my code for me in less than 24 hours ,, Will definitely use again ,, THANKS SIM-UNLOCK

2020-05-12 13:09:55 Matthias

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S6 active - hat wunderbar und einfach funktioniert, vielen dank. matthias

2020-04-21 18:26:06 BY

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Note9 - Great Service Very quick turn around time. No trouble at all with the code

2020-02-24 06:22:53 Pamela

Liberar Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro - Fast and awesome service Thanks so much

2020-01-23 16:07:24 Raja

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S8+ - Yes, After unlocked, the phone is working awesome. Thanks.

2020-01-22 18:49:44 Nilsa

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - servicio excelente

2019-11-28 17:44:55 Kevin

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 - ¡Exelente El servicio fue más rápido de lo que esperaba y funcionó a la primera 100% recomendable

2019-10-23 21:40:28 Dominick

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S9 - Service is hreat I highly recommend

2019-09-11 08:52:11 Christophe

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S8+ - Super efficace merci

2019-08-04 19:38:07 Haley

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S9 - It worked , it was easy and it didn't take as long as they said to get here 24 hours and I was on my new phone

2019-07-19 13:06:20 James

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 - Was quick and worked as expected. Thanks

2019-05-31 16:54:48 Gamaliel

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Great service faster than time quoted. Highly recommended.

2019-02-15 23:25:11 joseph

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Note9 - Awsome thanks

2018-12-10 18:11:35 Heinz Burmeister

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S6 active - Das entsperren des Handys hat super geklappt. Vielen dank Gruß Heinz Baumeister

2018-08-01 16:21:16 Dorothy

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S9 - Great company, perfect and very fast service, will recommend to all my friends and will use again, A++++

2018-07-23 11:10:03 Dorothy

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S9 - Perfect very fast service, and code worked like a charm, great job.

2018-05-23 19:08:20 Kamil

Liberar Samsung Galaxy Express Prime - dzia³a Super

2017-11-16 11:22:29 Fred

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S8 - Was really fast. I appreciate your service. Will recommend for everyone.

2017-09-19 20:56:48 Guido

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S8 - El servicio EXELENTE, pero no pude desbloquear, creo que necesito un desbloqueo por aplicación, me dijeron

2017-08-02 12:51:05 Kamil

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S IV - Simlock ¶ci±gniêty zgodnie z czasem podanym w ofercie :) Bardzo dziêkujê i pozdrawiam.

2017-07-30 21:18:42 Juan

Liberar Samsung Galaxy View - Amazing service. When the SIM requested code,we typed the Network number and boom UNLOCKED

2017-07-24 09:37:15 Babak

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S8+ - schnelle Antwort bekommen, hat mir sehr gefallen, lg

2017-07-20 09:24:17 Babak

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Liberar Samsung Gear S - Quick turnaround and code that works Thanks

2016-06-05 03:10:03 IRVING

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S7 edge G935 - Great service Samsung s7 edge unlocked

2016-05-21 09:17:46 Jacek

Liberar Samsung 740SC - Wszystko dzia³a tak jak w opisie

2015-10-20 14:55:34 Jason

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S5 - Great service as always. Another phone unlocked.

2015-09-28 17:15:08 jorge arturo

Liberar Samsung Galaxy S4 - Excelente