Free network, warranty and other information about your Motorola model

This is a free service used for checking the network, and other information about your Motorola model.
The only information needed is the IMEI number. The service provides all information about network, country, production date and the system version.

If you have bought a used device, or want to buy an used Motorola model it is important to check its history. Make sure that the seller gave you all information !!!

All data is provided by the official Motorola servers. Our website connects with the database and downloads all available information.

How can you check warranty, software version and country of your Motorola ?
1. Press *#06# on your Motorola model. The IMEI number will appear.
2. Input the IMEI number in the window below.
3. click "check IMEI"

The result will appear on the screen, after a couple of seconds.