¿ Cuánto tiempo esperaré al código de desbloqueo de red ?

Tiempo de espera al código de desbloqueo para los teléfonos HTC de la base más reciente es de 1 minuto a 2 horas.

El tiempo medio para obtener el código es de 10 minutos. El tiempo medio ha sido calculado en base a las 50 últimas órdenes de pedido presentadas por nuestros clientes.

HTC Desire 650


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  • Buen servicio y rapido muchas gracias

    vitor - 2019-10-15 12:21:15

¿ Cómo introducir el código al teléfono HTC Desire 650 ?

1. Encender HTC Desire 650 con una tarjeta SIM no aceptada por el terminal, es decir de otro operador.
2. Si la tarjeta SIM tiene el PIN, introducirlo y pulsar OK. Si tiene puesto un código de seguridad marcarlo y pulsar en OK.
3. A continuación HTC Desire 650 pedirá un código de RED ("código de Bloqueo de SIM" o "código de desbloqueo de la tarjeta SIM").
4. Introducir el código de desbloqueo y pulsar OK.

A veces es necesario hacer Hard Reset [antes guarda los datos importantes (contactos, fotos, etc.)].


2019-10-31 15:49:31 Eugene

This was the first result in google to unlock a HTC desire 650. I’m a skeptical person so I wasn’t sure. It was only €5.99 and PayPal so I decided to take the risk. I’m so glad I did. Within 5 minutes I was emailed a code that worked perfectly So happy I took the chance and so happy it was such a good service. I was locked to Tesco Mobile Ireland and now it’s unlocked completely. So if you need this service don’t think twice. The fact they use PayPal means you are covered.

2019-10-30 09:27:51 marzia


2019-10-15 12:21:15 vitor

Buen servicio y rapido muchas gracias

2019-09-24 17:02:30 Carrie

Excellent service, positive results within 5 minutes...thank you

2019-08-13 06:40:55 Denys

It was really fast and perfect.

2019-05-21 15:54:59 zdzis³aw

Kod zadzia³a³ prawid³owo telefon bez simlocka - POLECAM

2019-05-16 12:12:30 Aaron

Highly recommend

2019-03-20 10:15:17 Rick

Got code in about 5 mins. Overseas and couldn't use phone as it was locked. Used this and saved me heartache

2019-01-07 13:17:55 Jaspal

Very convenient, timely and sure shot service

2018-12-27 12:34:33 Catherine

I was very worried about using an online service but it was so fast and easy I can't recommend enough thankyou

2018-12-24 12:18:31 Killian

Great service. Very efficient.

2018-12-21 17:27:59 Killian

Fantastic service. Very efficient and very good value.

2018-10-14 09:56:45 Mitchell

Code arrived in about 5 minutes, worked straight away. Cheers

2018-09-19 12:41:32 Pawel


2018-08-13 19:10:55 Marcin

Polecam 5 min i za³atwione.

2018-07-06 10:07:05 Henryk

Bardzo dobra i bardzo bardzo szybka no i 1/4 ceny jak± mi proponowano gdzie¶ indziej.Polecam.

2018-07-02 17:58:04 Dariusz

Polecam , szybka dostawa i dobry kontakt ze sprzedaj±cym .

2018-03-12 13:50:40 Jodie

Great service - simple and easy to use. Got the code in 5 minutes. Couldn't ask for more

2018-03-09 00:02:30 MANAV

was little-bit confused at beginning about reliability of website but it worked very well.I got code within 20 minutes and it worked straight away. thanks alot

2018-03-08 10:56:18 brody

all i have to say is thankyou, i honestly thought this shit was a scam and wasnt wanting to put dosh towards it, first code didnt work and i started getting skeptical, until i entered the second code and the phone acceptted it and rebooted, thanks heaps guys

2018-03-01 20:50:21 szymon

Wszystko poszlo szybko tanio i bezproblemowo

2018-01-30 10:00:19 K

Very good service. I was intially sceptical but decided to take a chance. I am glad l did.

2018-01-23 11:26:48 ashok

The prices are very fair and they are reliable. Would use them again.

2018-01-02 14:16:09 Mateusz

Szybka i b³yskawiczna us³uga wszystko dzia³a Polecam jak najbardziej t± formê zdjêcia sim locka z telefonu komórkowego. Pozdrawiam i jeszcze raz bardzo dziêkujê:)

2017-12-30 21:52:01 Pawe³

koszt 18ZL czas oczekiwania 5min szybko i sprawnie HTC desire 650 - POLECAM

2017-12-01 05:25:02 Para

After trying other sites with no luck sim-unlock.net worked like a charm thanks heaps guys keep up the good work

2017-11-13 10:53:28 Jakub

Tym razem trwalo to prawie 3 dni a mialo max 48h. Ale przy tylu razach ile zamawialem simlocka to i tak daje 5 gwiazdek

2017-10-16 19:56:23 Mariusz

Usluga zrealizowana w 100% lecz troszkê z po¶lizgiem czasowym,mimo to polecam

2017-09-14 02:59:22 Krishna

A perfect and cost effective solution for a Network locked devices. I am glad I did find this website before paying to my service provider. Thank you for your help.

2017-09-09 20:02:56 LadyTalisman

Brilliant I can now use my HTC again . Thank you

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