Liberar iPhone por el número IMEI de la red Cricket USA de forma permanente

Liberar iPhone por el número IMEI de la red Cricket USA de forma permanenteEste servicio permite liberar iPhone de la red Cricket de Estados Unidos. El teléfono desbloqueado está agregado a la base de Apple como sin bloqueo de sim de fábrica y por esto es de forma permanente y el bloqueo nunca volverá, tampoco tras actualizar por el programa iTunes. Manejamos todas las versiones de firmware.

Después de realizar un pedido hay que conectar iPhone mediante un cable USB al ordenador e iniciar programa iTunes. Luego se ejectuará actualización y el teléfono se desbloqueará. Después de liberar un iPhone, se puede utilizarlo con tarjetas de cada red en todo el mundo.

!Recuerda! Este servicio está predestinado solamente para iPhone de la red Cricket de Estados Unidos. Si su iPhone funciona con otra red haz click aquí.
Si no sabe con que red originalmente funciona su iPhone puede verificarlo aquí: Verifica un iPhone.


2018-11-26 14:40:00 Juan

Liberar iPhone 6S Plus - Great service, only took a few days and boom Received an email saying my phone was unlocked, now I can use any carrier. Very satisfied with this service.

2018-10-23 17:17:36 Dennis

Liberar iPhone SE - I was very skeptical of this service, but I just confirmed that my SE is actually unlocked. It took some time and patience, but it worked out in the end.

2018-09-21 01:09:22 Sateesh

Liberar iPhone 5S - Thank you very much, but it took log time...

2018-09-16 15:49:49 Kevin

Liberar iPhone SE - Had an IPhone SE locked to Cricket. Paid for unlock service on Thursday morning and was unlocked very next morning Very Happy Customer

2018-07-17 20:18:21 DAVID

Liberar iPhone 6S - Honestly, I thought there was about a 10% chance this would work. Every cell phone repair/unlock store in the Washington DC / NoVa area said it wasn't possible to unlock a Cricket iPhone to be used on AT&T if the Cricket account hadn't been paid for at least 6 months. I specifically chose this online site because they accepted PayPal and I could dispute the transaction if they didn't unlock it as promised. Surprise They cleared the code about 9 days later and my AT&T sim card now works on the iPhone. I went from a worthless iPhone 6s which was locked to Cricket to an unlocked iPhone which I just sold for $225, more than I paid for it, including the unlock fee. Thank you

2018-01-09 18:56:34 chris

Liberar iPhone SE - I wasn't sure about this service but after using it and simply unlocking my iPhone it works 100% Thank you