¿ Cuánto tiempo esperaré al código de desbloqueo de red ?

Tiempo de espera al código de desbloqueo para los teléfonos HTC de la base más reciente es de 1 minuto a 2 horas.

El tiempo medio para obtener el código es de 10 minutos. El tiempo medio ha sido calculado en base a las 50 últimas órdenes de pedido presentadas por nuestros clientes.

HTC Sensation XE


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  • Bardzo sprawna i szybka usluga jestem bardzo zadowolona polecam

    Malgorzata - 2017-04-23 17:57:28

  • szybko i sprawnie polecam

    Karol - 2017-02-03 17:08:03

  • polecam wszystko oki

    Marek - 2016-05-19 14:15:47

  • super fast, and competitively priced. would recommend

    zoe - 2015-11-26 12:36:09

  • ok.

    stanislaw - 2015-07-23 15:32:22

¿ Cómo introducir el código al teléfono HTC Sensation XE ?

1. Encender HTC Sensation XE con una tarjeta SIM no aceptada por el terminal, es decir de otro operador.
2. Si la tarjeta SIM tiene el PIN, introducirlo y pulsar OK. Si tiene puesto un código de seguridad marcarlo y pulsar en OK.
3. A continuación HTC Sensation XE pedirá un código de RED ("código de Bloqueo de SIM" o "código de desbloqueo de la tarjeta SIM").
4. Introducir el código de desbloqueo y pulsar OK.

A veces es necesario hacer Hard Reset [antes guarda los datos importantes (contactos, fotos, etc.)].


2017-04-23 17:57:28 Malgorzata

Bardzo sprawna i szybka usluga jestem bardzo zadowolona polecam

2017-02-03 17:08:03 Karol

szybko i sprawnie polecam

2016-05-19 14:15:47 Marek

polecam wszystko oki

2015-11-26 12:36:09 zoe

super fast, and competitively priced. would recommend

2015-07-23 15:32:22 stanislaw


2015-07-16 18:18:44 Stella

Thank for your this service. I would highly recommend it. It's the first time I've done this but the instructions were easy and I managed to get a second hand HTC Sensation off e-Bay unlocked and onto my network.

2015-07-07 01:35:25 shoaib

super servis ,very quick and accurate ,i will always prefare

2015-04-27 12:55:13 andre


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2015-04-08 14:59:09 Daniel

Jestem bardzo zadowolony z uslugi, wszystko poszlo sprawnie i szybko. Kod do HTC Sensation XE otrzymalem w ciagu 6 minut, czyli tak jak informowano na stronie. Telefon dziala bez zarzutu takze jedyne co moge zrobic to polecic usluge przyszlym nie do konca przekonanym klientom. Pozdrawiam

2015-03-25 10:35:33 Ben

Easy to use, very fast and most importantly unlocked my old phone

2014-11-01 18:00:24 D

Fast, reliable, cheap and it works.. Thanks for a great service.

2014-08-05 12:49:59 Akil

I paid and within 5-minutes I was sent a working unlock code. Very satisfied, particularly as EE quoted £20.42 and a delivery time of up to 20 days for my HTC Sensation XE. Excellent

2014-07-19 13:13:26 Amadeusz

Kontakt z obs³ug± by³ bezproblemowy. Wys³any kod by³ poprawny-telefon dzia³a bez zarzutu.

2014-07-02 13:47:16 Lisa

works perfectly. Lifesaver :)

2014-06-10 15:46:01 chrisjr

Quick easy and no fuss, much cheaper than paying a shop to unlock :)

2014-02-10 12:38:57 grzegorz

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2014-02-07 14:36:20 Gerald

Although I was at first sceptical about the claims on this site I am glad to say that the service they provide is excellent. Fast and very efficient. The code they sent worked perfectly. I deffinitly recommend them

2014-01-22 17:40:45 Miran Saleh

Amazing service. Thank you. ery much guys. I was a little worried about if your site not a genuine before I make a payment. But very grateful once I received the unlock number in very short time after payment. Thank you again. I saved your site as a favorite and I like to work with you guy so I can unlock friend and family or other people who wants too. I like to know are you guy unloacking any kind if phone Thank you Miran saleh

2014-01-02 16:53:23 Brian Murray

HTC Sensation XE, other Unlockers said they could not do it, sim-unlock did it in 5 mins. cracking service and will use again, thank you

2013-12-21 09:25:47 damian

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great service took 5 mins for the code . Worked a treat , now unlocked , once again thanks.

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very quick. good service. would use again

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I am always a little cautious of using these sites but after buying a locked phone by accident I used these guys and they managed it in about 4 minutes. I would 100% recommend using them. Simple and very easy to use. £8.20 I think it cost so well worth it. Thanks people will use you again.

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Functional unlocking code supplied at a reasonable price. Very quick response, less than 10 min after required details and payment were provided. Recommendable.

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Super szybka realizacja, najwy¿szy poziom us³ugi. Po wprowadzeniu otrzymanego kodu telefon dzia³a bez zarzutu.

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2012-09-24 16:32:36 Richard

Received the code within 10-15 minutes of payment, all works fine. Would recommend to anyone

2012-09-20 20:20:44 MissLancel

HTC Sensation XE unlocked in 4 minutes Thanks ;)

2012-08-07 22:52:23 Sebastian

Kod do HTC Sensation XE zadzia³a³ :) Kod otrzyma³em po 6 minutach. Bardzo profesjonalna strona. Dziekujê

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