¿ Cuánto tiempo esperaré al código de desbloqueo de red ?

Tiempo de espera al código de desbloqueo de Alcatel es de 1 hora a 48 horas laborables.

El tiempo medio para obtener el código es de 19 horas 41 minutos. El tiempo medio ha sido calculado en base a las 50 últimas órdenes de pedido presentadas por nuestros clientes.

Alcatel Vodafone Smart First 6


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    ALBERTO - 2015-12-25 13:50:15

¿ Cómo introducir el código al teléfono Alcatel Vodafone Smart First 6 ?

1. Encender el teléfono Alcatel Vodafone Smart First 6 con una tarjeta SIM no aceptada (de otro operador).
2. Si pide por el código PIN de la tarjeta SIM, hay que marcalo.
3. Cuando aparecerá el mensaje "Enter Network Key" o "Introducir código de Red", hay que ingresar el código de liberación (NCK).
4. A continuación el teléfono se quedará liberado.

El otro método para Alcatel Vodafone Smart First 6:
1. Encender el dispositivo sin ninguna tarjeta SIM.
2. Marcar *#0000*NCK#
3. Luego marcar *#0001*NCK#


2018-05-01 02:38:27 Ruben

Great service, total recommend 5*

2018-03-23 21:48:04 Ali

Really slow for just a code to arrive but at least it worked.

2017-11-20 11:08:00 william

great service

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Thanks you so much I been trying to get the phone unlock for some weeks the shop I when they said they cart do it for. I am happy with this sevise

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Fast, cheap and legit. Thanks for the unlock code

2016-12-05 00:40:54 jaroslaw

Szybko, po ok. 15 minutach. Szczerze polecam profesionalnie i konkretnie.

2016-11-15 18:06:54 steve

seems to work ok i was sent 3 different codes NCK**** NSCK**** and SPCK**** and no instructions apart from ENTER CODE you can't enter letters so i entered the first set of numbers after NCK this seems to have worked but why 3 sets of codes if only 1 is needed quite confusing

2016-11-04 16:43:56 Barry

Great service, and a great price, works gre at, many thanks.

2016-09-28 18:52:22 Miros³aw

Kod zadzia³a³. Od wp³aty do realizacji up³ynê³o ok. 2 godzin.

2016-09-07 13:30:00 Maxwell Kobina

code was fast. thanks

2016-08-23 14:05:51 Peter (UK)

Very efficient service, I received the unlocking code within 24 hours at the weekend and it worked perfectly. I would certainly recommend this service.

2016-08-19 14:02:04 Jorge Aloisio

That realy work :D thank you :)

2016-07-14 14:34:42 Ash

fantastic Unlocked with first attempt. Thank you.

2016-06-15 15:31:20 David

Thank you, have unlock my phone Vodafone Smart First 6

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Wszystko super

2016-06-13 12:32:03 tomasz

Wszystko ok

2016-06-06 13:02:16 UKUNDJI


2016-05-02 18:44:28 Wiecho86

Wszystko ok telefonik ¶miga elegancko bez sim locka

2016-04-05 18:50:02 Tara

Code worked perfectly. Thanks a million

2016-04-05 13:21:51 Tara

Worked perfectly thanks million

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Szybka realizacja, polecam :)

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Works perfectly. Thanks

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good service

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Szybko i konkretnie, polecam

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again 5*

2015-12-25 13:50:15 ALBERTO

Rapido y sencillo . Un 10

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Worked a treat. Many thanks

2015-11-23 15:13:31 kanders

Excellent service provided. I struggled to get code through my own stupidity but customer service helped me from start to finish. would definitely recommend